There is no justice in Burma. The Burmese people are entitled to justice; it is their most basic and fundamental right.

The Burmese people are deprived of justice by a military junta in power since 1962.  The military regime denies justice in endless ways, including genocide, murder, torture, rape, arbitrary detention, punishment of thought and speech, the absence of an independent judiciary and the complete abandonment of law.

 There is no law in Burma except the unrestrained might of the generals and their quest to bleed the country for personal gain. 

The Burma Justice Committee was launched in 2007 by UK barristers who believe that justice is the most precious right of the Burmese people, that law is a powerful mechanism for bringing justice to Burma and that lawyers have a special contribution to make towards filling the total justice vacuum in Burma. 

No call is more unanswerable or more pressing than the clamour for justice in Burma.  Using the skills of lawyers and the primacy of the rule of law, the BJC is a volunteer body which provides legal support to the right of the people of Burma to justice.

Political Pirsoners Not Released

Monk with upside down bowl.

Aung San Suu Kyi was released from  house arrest on  13th November 2010. In early October, the Myanmar regime released some prisoners under an "amnesty". However,  few released were political prisoners and some of the most prominent pro-democracy leaders remain incarcerated. This is despite international courts holding that their detention was arbitrary and contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Little has changed in Burma.



We are pleased to support the valiant efforts of corporations choosing to recognise the responsibility to those suffering in countries such as Burma.  To find out more about the efforts of one particular orgnisation, Just Cite, please follow the link below: